Lianyungang Uniwill Logistics Co.,Establish  in April 12, 2005 and register funds CNY 5,000,000 dollars, legal person representative, Zhu Yun Ping, of company.Be approved by national department concerned, is have the international goods conveyance agency qualifications of one class professional company.The company take"the honesty is a person, the trustworthiness works" as a principle and takes exaltation service quality as a root and actively and on one's own initiative designs an import and export conveyance project for customer and solves the difficulty that the customer meets, the management style creates new style.

    We chase to extend the import and export amount of freight transportation as the root of business enterprise, persistence"trustworthiness is originally, service first" of management principle, malicious put forth effort in raising service quality, active is customer row sorrow solution difficult, design an import and export conveyance project, provide the import and export law the laws to consult.
    Company with borrow to relate to with the good work of each parties concerned of port, sign with several shipping companies a year to often cooperate agreement, can provide to pass in and out port from the goods for the customer, warehouse, pay customs duties, requite check, pack to unload, countersign bill of lading, conveyance in the highway, carry miscellaneous fee balance of accounts to wait complete all-weather 24 hourses a service dragon.
    Currently, my company acts for goods for export owner to want the landing port as Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, Taiwan region, Central America and American port, export goods much for the agriculture by-product, the gum matches plank, small merchandise, electronics product;Act for import and export goods with the electronics, machine product, petroleum chemical engineering equipments, petroleum chemical engineering article(dangerous goods), mineral article is lord, mainly come from Korea, Japan, EU, the nation of the United States, local customer all over Su's north, Lu south, Su's south and Nanking, Anhui and Henan region, far go to righteousness black, Wuhan, Shaanxi, Sichuan, etc. ground in Xinjiang.
    The company mainly serves the customer as Han Zi"SAMSUNG" factory and it kit factory;Han Zi's factory in Suzhou;The Nanking LG ion, such as, Philip, and etc., the chemistry, together creates, Han Zi's factories like pleased star,etc;Han Zi's factory in Guangzhou acts for;The business enterprises like Chinese petroleum chemical engineering, head office,etc is them to connect the import and export of cloud port shore public platform from our company.
    Welcome lately old customer to me department investigation, let with the price of high-quality thoughtful service, reasonable we cooperation totally win!